Employee Toolbox

J-Wood takes pride in its commitment to proactively protecting the environment throughout the construction process.  Throughout the J-Wood organization you will find people that have a REAL appreciation for the beauty of “Mother Nature” and our responsibility to protect it. The continued enjoyment of hunting, fishing, hiking, farming, camping and good old fashioned mountain living depend on us.

Core components:

-  Dedicated Environmental Foreman and work crews (scaled to meet task requirements)
-  Committed to effective environmental stewardship from initial clearing to final restoration
-  Review of Erosion and Sedimentation (E&S) plans
-  Assess and adjust plans based on field assessment
-  Compliance with State and Federal EPA regulations
-  Adherence to Best Management Practices (BMPs)
-  Installation and continued maintenance all  of erosion control measures
-  Wetland and Stream preservation measures
-  Respect and adhere to ROW boundaries
-  Preservation of topsoil stockpiles (soil segregation)
-  Storm water mitigation planning
-  Maintain stabilized construction entrances
-  Proactive Seed/Mulch activities
-  Environmental sound dewatering practices
-  Clean and maintain all temporary bridges (overnight barriers)
-  Establish boundaries for refueling operations
-  Preventive vehicle maintenance
-  All motor vehicles and equipment equipped with Spill kits
-  Continuous supervision of daily housekeeping & clean-up efforts

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J-Wood employees/supervisors work hand-in-hand with Environmental Inspectors to ensure all protective measures and precautions are maintained on a daily basis.